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Life Change is Achievable through Mindset – Nutrition and Exercise

We offer a wide range of Mindset, Exercise and Nutrition coaching to achieve any goal.

Who else would like to achieve a body like a hollywood actress and enjoy being sexy, attractive, and confident in any situation?

Find out how, in just 8 weeks, you could be ideal self and never go back to the despair and frustration of not being able to fit in to your clothes, feeling un attractive and angry that your attempts to follow various “diets”, training plans and celebrity workouts that have left you disillusioned and back at square one!

Thankfully here at Triad Training our mission is to help people just like you succeed once and for all and ensure you never go back again!


Triad Training is devoted to excellence in Nutrition Mindset and Physical training developing average people into active fit leaders. 

  • Local Focus – most clients are from around Greater Manchester.

  • Residential courses – we hold local events regularly.

  • People not profits – value for money courses.

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our online training packages may be right up your street. (Coming Soon) Please join our newsletter for updates.


At Triad our mission is to help 1 million ordinary people get extraordinary results so they can live the life they have always dreamed of by 2023.

At Triad we understand each and every one of us is unique and therefore we offer a truly personal service to ensure every client gets the best possible results.

Empowering people to take control of their lives and be able to make positive changes that last a lifetime ( no quick fixes)

Delivering only the very best service for our customers by the best trainers and mindset coaches in the industry

Building a community of like minded people who can help their friends, family and Co workers to become the best they can be.

To have a no stone un-turned approach, enabling each and every customer to get the absolute best results possible.

Be the best we can be helping people become the best they can be.




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